Teatro Jaco

In August, 2010, we broke ground on our new theatre complex, Oceans Center. In Jan 2011 Teatro Jaco produced its first show, Jamaica Farewell, at its temporary home, Canciones del Mar. Now we are proud to announce beginning in December 2011 our premiere season at our permanent home.


Teatro Jaco was founded by Darren Lee Cole, co-owner of the SoHo Playhouse in NYC and producer of hundreds of theatrical productions worldwide. This production is a joint partnership with Teatro Jaco and Patrick Hundley of DayStar Properties whose mission is to ? Bring the world of entertainment to Playa Jacó? while inspiring local talent through funding arts programming and educational workshops for the Central Pacific region.



Mission Statement

The Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is a land rich in natural resources: from its beaches and surf, jungle rainforests and bird species species to its peaceful people and cultural traditions. Teatro Jaco was founded to bring the world of entertainment to this emerging coast, by both celebrating Costa Rica's rich history of cultural arts and by bringing internationally acclaimed productions to our new home in Playa Jaco, Oceans Center.


The first part of this mission will be accomplished by three primary programs: the establishment of local school performing arts classes, the formation of a community theatre group and the creation of special internships matching local students with international artists.


The second part of the mission is achieved by hosting the world's finest theatrical acts right here at our new theatre in Playa Jaco. Our connection to theatres worldwide gives us a unique opportunity to bring internationally renowned artists to the Central Pacific who will create an enriching cultural arts experience for both tourists and Costa Rican audiences.


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